If You Love Your Carbs But Hate What They Do To Your Body,
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Dried and Gone to Heaven



Are you struggling with the effects of overeating your favorite comfort foods? Pizza, bread, crackers, chips and cookies taste great while you're eating them, and usually leave you feeling good for a short while afterward, too. Then, a couple of hours later you feel exhausted, you can't think straight and you feel bloated.


Or...do you chow down on all the comfort food goodies and wonder what the problem is because you don't feel any of these side effects. Then on the other hand, you just can't lose that extra 15 pounds and you have chronic allergies and sinus infections.


For each of us the effects may be slightly different, but the end result is the same...we end up feeling physically unwell and sometimes even guilty and ashamed when we overindulge on the addicting comfort foods we've come to love and turn to in times of stress.


As a result of investing in a food dehydrator, we've been able to conquer the comfort food demons and transform fatigued and bloated to energetic and trim. Imagine warm from the dehydrator, bread that's loaded with vegetables, omega 3 fats and healing herbs instead of white flour, sugar, oxidized fats and dough conditioners that disrupt your health. Imagine eating chips that fill you and nourish you with ingredients like flax seeds, celery, herbs and spices? Or pizza that's delicious crust is loaded with greens and herbs?


We know how daunting it can be to learn new recipes and get familiar with a new piece of equipment. We spent a lot of time (and money) experimenting with recipes, until we finally got really good at it.


Now, we want to spare you the learning curve. We created the "Dried and Gone to Heaven" E-Book Bundle to will allow you to:

  • Create nutritious and delicious alternatives to all your favorite comfort foods using only fresh, whole, plant based ingredients that are good for you
  • Make your life easier
  • Achieve your perfect body without feeling deprived
  • Drop unwanted pounds and achieve a slim, trim waistline
  • Enjoy your foods knowing that they not only taste great but are good for you
  • Enjoy pizza, lasagna, bread, crackers, chips and dip without the guilt
  • Wow your friends and family with your delicious creations
  • Save the money you'd be spending on expensive dehydrated snacks
  • Save money on doctor bills
  • Fall in love with your food and yourself!

Learn to make delicious variations of your favorite foods using vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds right in the comfort of your own home.


Our Dried and Gone to Heaven e-Book Package contains:

  • 246 page e-book with 17 chapters and over 160 recipes
  • Detailed instructions on the selection of and care and use of your dehydrator
  • 3 online video demonstrations to get you started.


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