Start Your Morning off Right by Learning Easy-to-Make Raw Food Breakfast Recipes that Give You Plenty of Energy
to Fuel You Through the Day!


By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo - Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Nutritionist


Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day, BUT...


You might have heard many health experts say that it's crucial to begin your day with a meal. What they might have failed to say, though, is how to make your first fuel of the day powerful enough to propel you forward with energy and gusto!


Starchy toast and cereal breakfasts don’t work well, especially if you have blood sugar irregularities and insulin resistance. Most of the breads and cereals on the market today are high in sugar and processed flour – hardly rocket fuel for your brain and body.


Even if you eat whole grain breads and cereals, the high starch content can leave you feeling sluggish almost immediately. Then, you have to struggle to stay awake.


Bacon and eggs, with their low fiber and high saturated and trans fat content, are fraught with problems, and can lead to chronic inflammation and pain, digestive difficulties, heart disease and cancer.


(Note: Read T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study for the most scientific and compelling epidemiologic evidence linking animal proteins to a wide range of diseases. It’s a real eye-opener.)


Many health conscious writers recommend that you eat fruit alone. They think it’s the best breakfast. This works well for some people, and the idea of eating light in the morning makes sense, if you want to allow the body to continue the cleanse it begins during the sleeping hours.


However, many still prefer to begin their day with something more substantial than fruit. They were raised on “stick to your ribs” breakfasts and have a hard time giving those up, especially if they are transitioning from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a more healthful one. With so many divergent opinions out there, it’s hard to know what to do.


What Are Healthy Choices for a Breakfast that Fuels You into Your Day?


That’s not an easy answer.


Truthfully, the best choice of breakfast food is highly individualized. It is dependent on body type, metabolic rate and energy demands.


The ideal breakfast should be easily digestible and loaded with vitamins and minerals, while being substantial enough to provide both a feeling of fullness and enough energy to get you through the morning without creating blood sugar nosedives within a couple of hours.


So, How Do You Know What Kind of Breakfast is Best for You?


Well, you can go about it in two ways...


Trial and error - which will give you some answers, but may get you confused first!




Find a resource that can help you make some choices.


For example, an overweight, sedentary person with a sluggish metabolism will need to eat differently than a lean, mean and green fighting machine.


In my new book, Power Breakfast Ideas, I present lots of ideas about finding what works best for your body type and physical demands. I've been through the trial and error in my 20 years of health experience!


Read on to find out how I can help below...


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Author, Nutritionist, Chiropractor


In Power Breakfast Ideas, You'll Find Not Only Tons of Great Info about What's Best to Eat for Breakfast but Over 20 Delicious, Healthful, Hearty, and Easy-to-Make Breakfast Recipes as Well!


I've been sharing my passion and talent for making simple, plant-based ingredients taste great for over 20 years. Now, I'm excited to share with you this new collection of recipes and thoughts that reveal much of the valuable information I've gained within the last decades...


Power Breakfast IdeasPower Breakfast Ideas Contains Recipes that You
Can Use To:

★ Increase your energy levels


★ Lose weight quickly and safely


★ Detoxify and cleanse your system from harmful pollutants and chemicals


★ Build muscle and strength


★ Share the message of great health to others easily


All the recipes in the book are:

★ 100% Dairy-Free


★ 100% Gluten-Free


★ 100% Living Foods


100% FUN


Inside the book, you'll also get answers to pressing questions like...

★ Which breakfast works best for my body type?

★ How to prepare nuts and seeds for recipes.


★ A resourceful equipment guide.


★ How to make green smoothies - that taste great.


★ What to eat and what to avoid if you suffer from candida.


★ How to make healthful, easily digestible cereals and granola.


★ How to make nut milks and why they are better than animal milks.


★ How to make whole foods puddings that are quick and easy to make.


★ How to create your own smoothies and make them taste good too!


★ How to satisfy your sweet tooth with healthful 'pastries' and breads.


We've divided the book into several sections so you can experiment
each morning with whatever your craving...


Green Beginnings - All loaded with easily assimilated vitamins, minerals and proteins.


Fruit-Based Meals - A great way to start the day for many people


Cereals with Nut and Seed Milks - Probably the most popular breakfast for kids (and maybe adults as well).


Smoothies and Shakes - Quick and filling delicious breakfast meals.


Pastries and Breads - Sweet treats for breakfast using dried fruits, nuts and seeds and buckwheat.


Breakfast Puddings - Whole foods blended to a creamy consistency.


Right now, you can get this exciting new book and start making these recipes in minutes.


Here's How You Can Power Breakfast Ideas
and Power-up Today!


I want you to have this book, since I'm sure it will save you time and effort trying to make healthful breakfasts on your own. Remember, while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, how you eat it is even MORE important!


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I suggest experimenting with the different recipes and suggestions in this book to see which foods energize you the most. Over time, you’ll become an expert at revving yourself up each morning…and you’ll be so thrilled with the results.


I look forward to hearing how much you enjoyed the book, it's something that I'm sure you'll use over and over again.


Helping You Create Vibrant Living...One Bite at a Time,

Dr. Ritamarie



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