The Truth About Your Comfort Foods and How They Steal Your Energy, Fog Your Brain, Bloat Your Belly, Deplete Your Nutrients and
Weaken Your Bones

What do milk and cookies, bread and butter, chips and dip, and cheese and crackers have in common?

They’re all comfort foods that we turn to in times of emotional upheaval, boredom or loneliness. When you eat your favorite comfort foods, you feel great…for a little while. Until the discomfort sets in.

Perhaps you feel bloated or tired, sniffley or wheezy. Or maybe you just start  craving  more and more food.  Guilt and remorse usually complicate the picture, as you beat yourself up for going on yet another food binge or making a choice you promised yourself you wouldn’t!

Are you ready to break the vicious cycle and discover foods that actually provide long term comfort…and increase your vitality and longevity?

Your Free Scholarship is waiting for you! Register NOW for The Truth about Your Comfort Foods and Simple Strategies for Breaking Free” a groundbreaking 6 lesson e-course that includes the video recording of a two part webinar with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and Chef Alicia Ojeda. Discover foods that comfort you for the long haul AND increase your vitality and longevity. Our course includes:

  • Recordings of two 75 minute webinars, including both audio and video and an e-book of slides for each webinar.
  • A special report called “Curbing Your Carb Addiction”
  • A “living” step-by-step recipe slide show demonstrating how to make Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Living Banana Bread
  • Article and worksheets on how to get in control of emotional eating
  • Recipes, Motivation, Special Blog, Videos and much more!

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“The Truth about Your Comfort Foods and Simple Strategies for Breaking Free”

In our ground breaking e-course, “The Truth About Your Comfort Foods” you’ll learn:

  • The shocking truth about the ingredients in your favorite comfort foods
  • Which common ingredient in your favorite comfort foods may be eroding your bones, disrupting your hormones, depleting your neurotransmitters and causing you to hold on to excess fat.
  • The link between your comfort foods and inflammation
  • How your comfort foods effect your skin, hair and nails
  • Simple substitutions so you can enjoy your favorite comfort foods in new and healthier ways
  • How to save money on groceries by quickly and easily making your own comfort foods
  • How to read labels and choose products that create balance and energy

There’s no need to deny yourself the pleasure of a crispy cracker, a warm soft piece of bread, a succulent pizza or a sweet cookie. You just need to know how to make healthier choices and create versions that still bring you pleasure AND build your reserves.

5 life changing reasons to sign-up for this course

  1. You’ve suffered with the effects of comforting yourself with energy zapping, cell destroying foods FOR far too long. It’s your turn to rise above and learn to make choices that allow you to live your passion and purpose, filled with energy and joy.
  2. We’ll be sharing REAL, valuable strategies for nourishing your body with delicious and truly comforting foods – our secret strategies you may not find anywhere else.
  3. By the end of the series, you WILL be empowered to make some profound changes in your relationship with food and you’ll have strategies for enjoying the delicious flavors you’ve come to love without compromise to your health or your waistline.
  4. It’s your turn to look,  feel and be the vibrant, energetic, lean and strong  person that’s been hiding from the world for far too long.  Your relationships, your career and your self image deserve an upgrade.

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“The Truth about Your Comfort Foods and Simple Strategies for Breaking Free”

including recipes, videos and tools you need to break free of comfort eating and make delicious replacements for your favorite comfort foods.

About Your Guides

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo is a leading authority on Nutrition and Health. She’s an author, speaker and health practitioner with over 2 decades experience empowering health through education, inspiration and loving care. She’s a doctor of chiropractic with certification in acupuncture, a certified clinical nutritionist, a Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and a medical herbalist.

Dr. Ritamarie marries ancient healing wisdom with modern scientific research to create your personalized road-map to vibrant health. She’s a master at unraveling the mystery of your unique biochemistry and designing diet, lifestyle and nutrition programs that fit your individual needs. She specializes in hormone balancing, detoxification and women’s fatigue issues, using a fresh plant based diet, supportive lifestyle habits and food-based and herbal supplementation as needed.

Because most people bite off more than they can chew when they embark on a new health regimen, Dr. Ritamarie focuses on simple, effective ways to optimize your diet and lifestyle to achieve vibrant health. She dishes out simple steps with a dash of fun to motivate you to achieve your health goals.

Dr. Ritamarie’s passion for creating delicious foods that support optimum health has lead her to develop recipes that not only taste great, they energize and heal as well. She’s been teaching the power of raw and living foods for over two decades and she lives the vibrant life that eating this was creates.

As the mom of 2 energetic boys, raised on whole plant based foods, she has developed routines and recipes that kids of all ages love.

Dr. Ritamarie resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and sons. She can be reached at . For a free packet of recipes and information on creating optimum health through good nutrition, visit

Chef Alicia Ojeda

Chef Alicia Ojeda is an amazing classically trained professional chef, who is passionate about gourmet vegan raw and living food cuisine.

Her culinary background includes both cooked and raw cuisine. She was most recently the executive chef at Beets Cafe in Austin Texas. Prior to that, she was the Production Coordinator for Roxanne’s Fine Cuisine and executive Chef, café manager and one of the lead Instructors at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

At Bon Appétit Management Company she was the Executive Chef for DreamWorks Studio and Chef Manager for Sony Music.

Alicia now resides in Austin, Texas and is teaching classes in the Hudson Bend/ 620 area of Lake Travis.

Alicia is also available for consults, kitchen set-ups, lectures, and more! Feel free to contact her at or (323) 356-0688.

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