Comprehensive 24-Hour Urinary Steroid Hormone Profile with HGH – Meridian Valley

24-hour urinary steroid hormone profiles are widely used in clinical diagnostics. Recent developments of natural hormone replacement therapies, available over the counter, as pregenolone, DHEA, and progesterone and by prescription, as bio-identical estrogen (bi-set, tri-est, or estriol) and testosterone have led to new applications for steroid hormone testing. The urinary hormone profiles can be used for diagnosis, dosage adjustment and monitoring of hormone balancing protocols. The 24-hour urine test is preferred by many practitioners, because nearly all hormones are secreted in 'bursts' and 'pulses' and a single blood draw or saliva collection (or even two or three of them) may not provide a representative sample.

The ComprehensivePLUS Hormone Profile includes the following:

Product includes a 20-30 minute consultation with Dr. Ritamarie to review results.

Testing available in the continental US only, excluding New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Note** Once we place orders for Lab Tests, the fees are non-refundable. Once the order is placed, we purchase the kits on your behalf, pay shipping etc. If a test is never run by the lab, then that portion of the fee would be refundable.